The First Day of the fest

And so it began. The first day of International Student Theater Festival Danail Chirpansky went by and it was accompanied by lots of smiles, silent corridor steps and wild applause in the auditorium.

Maybe you know about the microphones on the stage and that we can hear you when you walk into the theater. But do you know how wonderful it is when the buzz on the corridors turns into creative calm and the silence in the auditorium is displaced by quiet whispers? We can assure you that this scenario happened also yesterday.

The main stage auditorium of Geo Milev Theater in Stara Zagora was not enough for all comers to see Bay Balcho Remembers – the first play from the festival. The NAFTA graduates from Professor Plamen Markov’s class proved once again that their performance is always fuelled by love and bears the promise of a bright future.


When the curtain was closed the stage welcomed part of the team behind the festival. The girls told the audience about the project and the participants and expressed their gratitude to everyone who contributed for creating the festival as it is. Afterwards the team invited Professor Plamen Markov on stage who declared his admiration to the young ladies bringing this inspiring idea to life and spoke about Danail Chirpansky who was part of his class.

Danail was an important part of the class. As you can see, many inspired talented people are here today and if he managed to be the engine behind a whole group of people and to become so important to all of them, then it is clear to me that he was blessed.

The love for Danail was everywhere between actors, leaders and everyone who was lucky to know him. However, there is one type of love that is stronger than all others and this is a mother’s love. On behalf of Dany’s mother Stanislav Stanev read a letter from the stage.

What do I want him to be? … To be a good person… I already knew that he is a good son, grandson and nephew, even the best. But now I know that he is also a good friend and colleague. And this festival that is happening now, it is about this love – the love for the person and his love for theater. 


The auditorium went dark and the actors from Bai Balcho Remembers came slowly into the spotlight to perform a traditional folklore song named А White Horse. It is hard to say whether they had a microphone or not, their song was so powerful, clear, inspiring. Some of them with eyes filled with tears or fire, others with eyes closed or turned to the sky above.

Do we know what we have? We are blessed to have the art for it is, has been and always will be an endless treasure. And when we dare to create it and to fight for it, it is also our white horse leading us forward.

There are 6 days left of the festival and it is well worth a visit. Following such a powerful start, what could possibly wait for us next?