The composer Montanaro will lead a workshop during the ISTF “Danail Chirpansky”

Montanaro is a a multi-instrumentalist and a composer who has traveled around the world giving concerts. He is also one of the people who will lead a workshop during the International Student Theater Festival “Danail Chirpansky” which will be held in Stara Zagora in October.

The composer was born in Hyères in 1955. He has studied the saxophone before making a long passage through traditional Provencal music, tambourine trend. Several hundred concerts have taken him to the four corners of the world, from Latin America to Central Europe, from Africa to Coursegoules, to the USA and Indonesia.

Some of his compositions are for theater, plays, ballets, various shows, as well as for cartoons and short films. He also composes concert works for jazz, classical and traditional ensembles. He has been leading improvisational workshops at many art festivals dedicated to all kinds of artists. As he describes it, he encounters the artist with the “musical I” within anyone.

He has conducted several ensembles, including Vents d’Est, an open orchestra which since 1989 has woven many musical and friendly ties with guests such as Nena Venetsanou, Arthur H, Georges Moustaki.

Montanaro also takes part in the Black & White duo with Konomba Traoré, at the Mediterranean Ensemble directed by Pedro Aledo, at the Trio Alazar with Keyvan Chemirani and Carlo Rizzo, at the Trio Imaginogène with Fabrice Gaudé and Serge Pesce. He created works of contemporary or improvised music and joined forces with William Petit, Edmond Baudoin and Carol Vanni for performances combining dance, drawing and music.

After artistically directing the “Chantier” center for the creation of new traditional music, Montanaro devotes himself to the development of his company through the diffusion of his creations and the writing of shows combining song, painting, video, contemporary and traditional dance, ball and Street music.