The actor Stanislav Stanev will lead the third workshop at ISTF Danail Chirpanski

The participants of the Danail Chirpansky Festival will have the opportunity to visit three workshops from October 1 to 7 in Stara Zagora. In addition to the composer Miqueu Montanaro and the choreographer Stefan Vitanov, the actor and director Stanislav Stanev – Stankata is included with a workshop for studying the actor’s senses and working with various materials.

With him, the guests from Russia, UK, Spain, Georgia, Greece and Bulgaria will participate in exercises which help the actor examine his means of expression and let him explore the relationship between artist and material.

The 39-year-old actor from Stara Zagora graduated in Puppet Theater Acting at NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov”. His teachers are Prof. Jeni Pashova and Prof. Petar Pashov. He has worked as an actor in more than 50 dramatic and puppet theatrical productions for children and adults. He’s also the director of several teenage and professional shows, and the founder of the experimental theater troupe “These” in Stara Zagora, which has participated in several international festivals.

The workshop will take place after the performance of “These” youth theatre group – “DОN’Т YOU EVER DIE – itcanseriouslydamageYourhealth”, directed by Stanislav Stanev. It will explore the relationships and processes between actor and material and will analyze how the actors discover their means of expression through certain exercises. Participants will try to build a dramatic miniature with the means of expression they discover. The workshop will also explore the relationship between actor-author and director-observer.

You will be able to see the performance and the workshop on October 6, at stage “Youth House”, Stara Zagora.