What is ISTF Danail Chirpanski


The International Student Theatre Festival Danail Chirpanski was founded in 2017 following its selection by UNESCO International Fund for the Promotion of Culture. This was the first festival for graduating performances from Theatre Schools and Conservatoires across Europe and worldwide. Our first successful edition made us believe that Bulgaria can become the long-term host of a international event to encourage freedom of communication between young artists and inspire them to work and develop, and in turn, inspire our creative team.

Our main motivation is Danail Zhelev – Chirpanski, and our purpose is to keep the memory or his eternal love to theatre.

About Dani


He wasn’t a celebrity, but he changed the life of many people with his perseverance, tireless dedication, constant strive to perfection, courage, and human understanding and love that he passed on to those around him. This was Dani, who passed away in a tragic accident in the Spring of 2016.

Since we didn’t want to allow such rare and precious presence to leave us, we decided that in his memory, we would start a tradition, inspired by him and his dreams and turn it into an event to help other young students realize their potential. Our aim is to give them the inspiration he had.

Our Dream

We wish to create an international forum for graduating performances to help young performing arts professionals enrich their knowledge and skills with the support of experienced professionals and network, and to exchange experience with their peers from diverse schools and origins. In this way we hope to achieve two main goals: first, to nurture an environment which inspires the development and enrichment of the traditional schools and practices of each country, and second, to support our local and national culture by giving our guests a chance to get to know Bulgarian life and traditions.


The first edition of the festival proved to us that nothing is impossible and nothing can stop us from pursuing our dreams. We can’t wait to share this feeling with you for the second time!