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Bulgaria is located in Eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. The earliest evidence of human presence in the area of present day Bulgaria date back to the Paleolithic Age. The first Bulgarian state was founded in 681. The current population of Bulgaria is 7,000,000 people.
Although the country is small, its territory has collected many natural resources. Here rises Rila – the highest mountain in the Balkans, Pirin, the Rhodopes and many other mountains that occupy half of the country’s territory. East Bulgaria has an outlet to the Black Sea. Bulgaria is rich in water, forests, flora and fauna – it is called “the green island of Europe.”

The country is a year-round tourist destination that has a rich cultural heritage. Tourist sites included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage are the Rila Monastery, the Kazanlak Thracian Tomb, the Old Town of Nessebar, Madara Horseman, Pirin National Park, Srebarna Nature Reserve and more.



Stara Zagora


The festival will be held in Stara Zagora – the city of poets, painters, lime trees and straight streets. Over the centuries the city has been known under different names, a testament to its longevity – Beroe, Augusta Traiana, Vereya, Irinopolis, Borut, Eski Zara, Zheleznik. In 1878 it was burned and razed to the ground by the Turks, but it was rebuilt then.
Today the city has numerous cultural centers and tourist attractions. The Antique Forum Augusta Traiana is the oldest in Bulgarian lands, and is included in the List of the hundred tourist sites, along with the Museum “Neolithic dwellings” and the Memorial Complex “Defenders of Stara Zagora”. The most famous park in the city is Ayazmoto, which has a zoo and botanical garden.
The city boasts the Drama Theatre “Geo Milev”, the State Opera Stara Zagora – the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula, a State Puppet Theatre, a Musical Theatre and numerous amateur arts schools.
Stara Zagora hosts many jazz music, puppet art, opera and ballet festivals.



Drama Theater “Geo Milev”


The Drama Theatre in Stara Zagora is one of the oldest and most prestigious theaters in Bulgaria. It was founded more than 130 years and was named after the poet Geo Milev – who had worked and lived for many years in the city. The history of the Drama Theatre in Stara Zagora begins with Dr. Nacho Planinski,
who brought the first theatrical performance – “Malakova” by P. R. Slaveikov on April 18, 1870 in the Main girls’ school. Fourty years later the poet Geo Milev staged experimentally the plays “Oedipus” by Sophocles and “Inspector” by Gogol. The beginning of the professional theater in Stara Zagora is the season 1919/1920.
At present Drama Theatre “Geo Milev” features two stage spaces – a large stage (300 seats) and a chamber stage (49 seats), which allows a variety of theatrical forms, conferences, concerts, festivals, meetings and more.

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