ISTF “Danail Chirpansky” starts today!

Happy 1st of October! The world celebrates the International Music and Poetry Day.Today we are twice as much thrilled because it is an amazing day for the theater, too. What do you mean “Why?”? Because today is the semi first fest day of The International Students Festival “Danail Chirpansky” at all. Just a few rainy(who knows…) hours and it will Happen. Dispite of the bad weather it is very colorful here – the team is inspired and in a great mood, the participiants are arriving…

But! What is a fest without its precious audience?

We are expecting all of you at 18:00. Let’s meet on the Main Stage of Geo Milev Drama Theater in Stara Zagora. The program begins with the graduates from Class Professor Plamen Markov 2017 of NATFA “Kr. Sarafov”. The perfomance is “Bay Balcho remembers” and we love it so much! Why? You can come and see.

Be part and celebrate with us!