Musical Workshop – Miquéu Montanaro

16 July, 2017

Miquéu Montanaro led the festival’s musical workshop.

That was his first workshop with actors. However, that was not a barrier to the unity of the two arts for him, as well as for the young actors.

During the very first exercise they formed a circle, they became one whole.

“Where I am from, people sing close to each other not only to feel the song itself, but also to sense the vibrations. We will try to go inside every note”, Miquéu said. They began with a single note. Then, they glided on the music. During the following exercises, each group had to choose their own phrase, but they all had to sing in the same key. “When you sing, don’t forget to smile – music comes out better this way”, advised Mr Montanaro. The beginning was chaotic – all sorts of voices and languages – but gradually, a melody started emerging. If one would listen carefully, they would hear each individual song, but the whole experience was indescribable.

Additionally, the participants formed an electronic machine – by splitting into four groups and 2 “conductors”. Each group had to perform a fee sounds – amongst them were a river, noise, wind, a prancing horse, whistling while the conductors decided the position and duration of each sound. For several minutes, they were painting sound pictures, while the spectators travelled to various places in their minds – to a beach, to a cold stormy night, or a bright sunny day…

Finally, Miquéu concluded “Words can never be enough for music.” On different days, he played various instruments – the accordeon, the oud… Every exercise finished with a short nursery rhyme in French, “The lady with the two diamonds in her hat”. Many participants hummed that tune until the end of the festival – and who knows, maybe even after that!