“Bai Balcho remembers” opens the program of ISTF “Danail Chirpansky”

The performance “Bai Balcho Remembers” of the already graduated students from Class Professor Plamen Markov 2017 will open the International Student Theater Festival “Danail Chirpansky”. But not only the success of the performance is a factor, it is invited because Danail Chirpansky himself was part of the cast. Danny was part of this class and his talent, his flame and his love for the theater were the sparkle, which gave the idea for the festival. We hope to transfer them to the participants and friends of the festival.

It all begins with a graduation performance – “Bail Balcho Remembers” – how they suddenly got rich, but the retribution got them. The students of Prof. Plamen Markov recreate the adapted stories collected by the merchant Balcho Neykov on the stage in an unforgettable way. Their impressive work won the Special Prize of the International Jury at the 36th International Film Festival at VGIK and the 12th Theater Festival in Moscow. In May the spectacle was performed on the Main Stage of Bulgarian Army Theater – an initiative of the theater together with the Ivan Vazov National Theater and the rector of NATFA Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev. The thread of life of this performance still weaves and goes all the way to Stara Zagora.

So on October 1-st at 6:00 PM on the Main Stage of Geo Milev Drama Theater, we will have the pleasure to hear and see the stories about Momcho and Dragana, Karva and Sara, Neycho and his chorbadzhia. We will feel the energy of the young actors and we will be able to give them access to our minds in order to excite us. Whether we will cry, or end up smiling, the stories will surely make us think. For what? – I’ll let that unveil on its own.