About the festival

International Student Theater Festival “Danail Chirpansky”


International Student Theater Festival “Danail Chirpansky” is the first Bulgarian festival to present only the work of theater undergraduates.

Our dream is to turn the festival into an annual event hosted in Bulgaria which promotes the open communication between young artists from different theater traditions.

The festival will be held in the beginning of October 2017 in the city of Stara Zagora. The program of the event will comprise theater performances, workshops, exhibitions and concerts.



Our mission is to initiate an international platform where the future professionals in performing arts can present their academic work, exchange experience and create contacts useful for their professional development as artists.

This cultural forum will contribute to the development of the local and national culture. Within the festival days the participants will present their theater systems, they will explore the local culture and take what they have learned in their countries.

Because of their involvement in the project the students will gain experience and will be able to examine the educational systems of different theatrical schools.

Our cause


Every member of our team takes in this project as something very personal. Our mission is to support the development of young people’s talent which is accompanied by deep personal motivation. What inspired us was our friend Danail Jelev – Chirpansky.
He was a beloved friend, a colleague, an excellent student of NATFA. In April 2016 he passed away after a car accident. His infinite devotion and love for theater inspired us. We decided that we will initiate a tradition in his memory, inspired by his dream and turn it into an event which could help the realization of other talented young people.

We strive to pass on to the young artists Danail’s inspiration, his perseverance, focus, constant work and desire for self-improvement.

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