3+1 Blitz Questions to the Participants and Their Answers

During the Second edition of the festival we asked the participants 3 blitz questions and here are some of their very, very quick answers:

(Two) Things, that surprised you…  

  • The Students of the University of Lodz, Poland
  • Atmosphere in Stara Zagora
  • The food
  • The people
  • I didn’t expect so many people to be so welcoming
  • The Russians
  • Stara Zagora
  • Nice bulgarian people
  • How people get along


Continue our story: “Once upon a time, there was a festival. There…”

Once upon a time, there was a festival. Some things that we cannot tell stories about happened – things you have to see. There was a very good show and very good friends. There were a lot of great people, young guys and ladies and I fell in love with everyone. We all came together and had a very good time making music and dancing. It was very energetic and powerful. There were so many people together having fun and doing what they are passionate about.


Did you fall in love? 

  • A long time ago!
  • No, Kinda – I don’t tell you – Yeeeees!
  • I got married this summer, so now I fall in love only with plays!
  • Yes, I fell in love with the city!
  • I fell in love with the festival!
  • I fell in love with Bulgaria!


And as a #bonusquestion they also named a few hashtags for the festival:

#Danny #Together #Balkans #redscarf #letsdrama #Love #Alcohol #Happiness #Music #Montanaro #Plays #partypartyparty #fun #world #theatre