Are you our new volunteer?

Are you our new volunteer? Or have you been with us before?

This year’s festival is between 5-9 April in Stara Zagora. And as usual we’re in need of volunteers before, during and after that week. We are searching for self-starters and positive thinkers that love challenges over 18 years old.

We will make sure that you have a bed and food, but it would help us too if you are from Stara Zagora already or if you have a friendly roof to rest under.

We will be stunned and will propose marriage to you you if you are fluent in French or Russian and you have previous experience with similar events.

You won’t get rich in money, but we can guarantee that you will have the time of your life and a bunch of new amazing friends, plus a bit of hard work too of course 😉

If you want to participate in this year’s Danail Chirpansky Festival, send us an email with your CV and few words about yourself and your expectations for this year’s festival on

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We look forward to hear from you!