The second edition of MSTF in numbers

A total of 480 hours were spent charging the radio equipment required for the perfect communication between the team organising the event.

Mila Lyutskanova’s name alone was heard 437 times on the coveted radio frequency. With regard to that name – next year’s first-semester undergraduate volunteers will receive at least 100 notebooks made from the recycled paper from all timetables, concert schedules and workshops which Mila checked and remade.

Veneta Angelkova distributed BGN [TOP SECRET] and EUR [TOP SECRET] for honoraria and payments. Invoices from volunteers totalling BGN 213 are still being looked for. Veni proofed a total of 678,903 words in written English and at least a quarter that many more orally (Wait, can that number even be divided by four?!).

Nikeya Petrova organised 42 volunteers in advance and found work for each of them even after the festival.

According to (non)confirmed top-secret information, emails addressed to a future member of the jury with the initials S.K. have been spotted. The Editors believe that this could be Stephen King.

Teodora Lazarova put together 8 decor elements, totalling 2.37 tons of props. Out of those, 10 were chests, 14 chairs, 3 beds, 6 practicables, 8 multimedia and 147 metres of cables. The good news is that the number of people shocked by electricity is less than zero. The candles prepared for such incidents never left the store.

Yoanna Temelkova reset her car’s mileage counter after the 89th kilometer on the highway between Stara Zagora and Sofia so that we cannot tell the distance she had traveled when meeting our special guests. What are you hiding Mrs. Temelkova?

Mirena Kerezova walked a total of 87,569 steps, accommodated over 150 people in just 5 places, packed nearly 5,000 people in the halls for the spectacles and greeted 157 guests before the performances. The number of times Mirena yelled out LET’S DRAMA is exactly 102 and the number of times our Drama Llama cried internally “Enough with the drama, I want a magic wand” is not known to anyone.