”The Indian Queen, Terra Firma” – RESAD, Madrid

Spain’s Royal School for Dramatic Arts in Madrid (Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático – RESAD) is the oldest Spanish theater school and one of the most imortant theatre institutions in the country. RESAD is a prestigious national and regional education centre as well as a place for research of Spanish and International theater.

International Student Theater Festival Danail Chirpansky has the pleasure to welcome the students of RESAD in Stara Zagora between October 1 – 7. At the Geo Milev Theater visitors of the festival will have the chance to see Henry Purcell’s semi-opera The Indian Queen, which remains largely unfinished due to composer’s early death.

Purcell’s The Indian Queen is based on works of the poet and playwright John Dryden and presents a fantastic and allegorical image of Central America some years before the Spanish Conquest. In 2013 a new production of the play by American director Peter Sellars was performed at the Royal theater in Madrid. Sellars recreated the play, changing its’ dramatic structure, rewriting the libretto and adding new characters, alternating The Indian Queen’s original parts with songs and hymns by Purcell and extracts from the novel La Niña Blanca y los Pájaros sin Pies (“The White Girl and the Birds with No Wings”) by the Nicaraguan writer Rosario Aguilar. The renewed pieces was focused on the arrival of the Spanish to Central America.

RESAD’s production which will be performed at the ISTF Danail Chirpansky incorporates both versions of The Indian Queen. As the play’s team tells us, its’ aim is to restore the historical memory about the events that happened during the Conquista and how it influenced the local people.

You can see “The Indian Queen, Terra Firma” at the main stage of Geo Milev Drama Theatre on 03/10/2017.

All events of the festival program are free from entrance fee.

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