”The Copla Musical” – Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London

The first International Student Theater Festival “Danail Chirpansky” will be a fact in less than two weeks and step by step the team of the festival is revealing the participants and the performances with which they will be present in the program. Today, we present to you one of the most prestigious schools in Europe – the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, part of the University of London, among whose alumni are Sir Laurence Olivier, Vanessa Redgrave and Judy Dench.

Royal Central will take part in the ISTF “Danail Chirpansky” with the performance “The Copla Musical”. The Copla Musical tells the compelling story of drag artist La Gitana, who escaped Franco’s dictatorship in Spain to become a variety star in America in 1940. La Gitana’s story mirrors in a contemporary setting the story of a narrator infatuated by La Gitana’s Spanish Copla songs that reveal her life stories.

КоплаThe Copla Musical is an original piece inspired by traditional Spanish Copla (folk) songs in the shape of a contemporary narrative in English. Copla was an actual genre of music repressed by Franco’s dictatorship and ultimately lost into history… until you see this story unfold. The main character tells the story of La Gitana accompanied by three musicians on stage and through her cabaret performances.

The performance can be seen on 05.10 on the Stage of Youth House, Stara Zagora, when the representatives of London’s Central Drama School will make a bridge between Spanish and English culture, between the repression of the dictatorship regime and the modern West, to tell a dynamic, colorful and exciting life story .


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