Kama Ginkas was born in 1941, in Kaunas, Lithuania, which at the time was part of USSR. As a director and a lecturer he is one of the best-known names in contemporary theater. Ginkas is a winner of multiple prestigious international awards and his performances have been played across Europe, America and Asia.




Maiya Pramatarova is a famous Bulgarian playwright, drama specialist, translator and director. She has been living in New York for the last 10 years and currently is based in Moscow. She is author of the plays Don’t Take the Bridge and Kill This Woman!




Dejan Dukovski was born in 1969 in Skopje. He is one of the most prominent playwrights in contemporary drama not only in Macedonia but in all Europe. Amongst his best-known plays are Empty City, Damn He Who Started It and Powder Keg which is also his most staged work.


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